Different Types of Wedding Albums


Wedding is one of the most important event  in every one’s life. To hold all the memory of this day we create  wedding album. Wedding album  comes in many  shapes and different sizes and in different printing options.

These  are the main types of wedding photo albums available in the market

  1. Matted Album :It is old and popular Album type.Matted Album tend to come with thick heavy leather covers.In Matted Album inside pages are thick and have images mounted onto the page and covered with a matt. Matted Album are available in different sizes too.
  2. Flush Mount Album: Flush mount Wedding albums are the newest and  advanced album style available in the market.Flush-mount Wedding album consists of sheets of photos or photo layouts mounted to a board.
    In Flush mount Wedding  album photos are stretch to the very edge of the board, without leaving border at the edges.
  3. Magazine or coffee-table albums  is completely unique and modern wedding album .This album design is called “magazine style” because the full-page layouts  remind us of a magazine spread.They are best album to share with  friend and relative on a coffeee table

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