four things that every photographer should know


Some basic points which every photographer must know and follow to do his work professionally.

  1. Bring your camera everywhere: If you are a photographer then remember one thing that you have to bring your camera everywhere. And if you are a beginner then it is more important to keep your camera with you always.
  2. Don’t compare: Do not compare your portfolios with anyone instead of this focus o your work or business because if you compare you will lack your confidence and make silly mistakes which is not good for your career.
  3. Price yourself right: If you are working for pennies of rupees then this is wrong not only for market but also for you, by doing this you are devaluing your work and demotivate yourself.
  4. Importance of the background: Give due importance to the background because plays very important role on an image. So, when you are capturing an image must focus on background.

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