How wedding photography is different from normal photography?


Wedding photography is different from normal photography in many aspects and in many ways. Here are some points which describe how wedding photography is different from normal photography:

  1. The first thing which makes the difference between wedding photography and normal photography is that the wedding photography charges more as compare to normal photography. Wedding photography is expensive. On the other hand normal photography is cheap.
  1. Wedding is a diverse event and requires different and unique photography skills. Wedding photography trends change every year. So, wedding photographer needs to update his skills and also requires to posses unique photography skills. But in normal photography, trends do not change so frequently and also do not require something unique photography skills. So this makes the task of normal photographer easier.
  1. Wedding photographers have to work for long hours during wedding season. And also have to work on weekends. During wedding season they need to work 18-27 hours in per wedding. But normal photographers hardly have to work 4-5 hours in a day and they also can take off during weekends.
  1. Wedding photographs are the collection of lots of different moments and different kinds of photography which includes candid photography, pre-wedding event photography, drone photography, photography of different poses of the bride and groom, macro photography, etc. On the other hand, normal photography does not include many different kinds of photography only in one event. In one event, it requires only one or two types of photography.


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