Photography is art….


People think that photography is not an art. They feel photography is very easy, it is the camera or scientific techniques who make or create images and person do nothing, for them anyone can do photography.

But this is not true; in actual sense photography is an art. Photography is an art which is not easy at all. Photography captures a moment from a time in its reality, it captures not just surface appearances, and it captures the depths of a moment. And whenever you look at these pictures, you again relive that moment. This task is not easy; this work can only be done by an artist who create the magic in the image and fill live with the images. Photographer requires a different vision and an angle to capture such original and life giving images which provide the true passion and essence of your views and images.

The camera just captures or records the image, but the photographer puts the beauty and feelings of the moment in the image. That’s why photography is an art and this is the fact. If someone who does not like this or thinks that it is simple, it doesn’t mean that photography is not an art.

Moreover, the photographer not just captures an images it also changes its color and tint when required. Can also a create image over another image, so this proof that photography is an art, from the starting to the end. The entire process of photography is an art.

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